First Apple Watch prototypes appeared


While Apple has been on the agenda for the time when the affordable iPhone model, iPhone 9, will be on the agenda, today we have an interesting news. A collector living in Northern Italy attracted attention with the first Apple Watch prototypes that he collected!

The first Apple Watch prototypes appeared!
While Apple continues to be on the agenda with the release date of iPhone 9, today we came up with different news. Giulio Zompetti, a 27-year-old collector living in northern Italy, plans to sell the Apple Watch prototypes he has collected for thousands of dollars.

After the rare iPhone prototypes, this time Apple Watch prototypes appeared. Collector Giulio Zompetti shared the first Apple Watch prototypes he collected with the press. In an interview, Zompetti declined to say exactly where he bought the devices, but hinted that he collected them from waste facilities.

As you can see in the pictures, all of the prototypes he has achieved so far have been broken. However, as the key components are still intact, the collector plans to repair and sell the devices. At some times, there is a rare logo similar to the Star Wars Death Star that was displayed on iPhone prototypes in the past.

Although it is not clear whether the devices are real prototypes, the QR codes and logos are quite realistic. Even though there is no official explanation by Apple, Zompetti will repair the devices and put them on sale in a short time. It is not clear how much it will sell and make the devices workable.