Firestorm Reminds Everyone that it is the Most Underrated D.C. Powerhouse


Warning! Spoilers for DC vs. Vampires #7 is ahead!

Although Firestorm has not always been considered a defining member of the Justice League, he has long been an influential player in DC comics. In the latest installment of the limited series of events DC vs. Vampires DC’s Nuclear Man has another chance to demonstrate how strong he really is.

Firestorm Nuclear Man is a DC superhero created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom, who debuted in 1978 in the movie Firestorm, Nuclear Man #1. He is often depicted as two consciousnesses merged into one being through a union called the Firestorm Matrix. The duo that Firestorm consists of is usually a combination of people Ronnie Raymond, Martin Stein and Jason Rush. Acting as a Firestorm, the pair possess the abilities of flight, pyrokinesis and transmutation. Although he has never been the most prominent hero of the District of Columbia, the Nuclear Scientist recently found himself on the pages of DC vs. Vampires #7 as an undead version of the future hero.

DC vs. Vampires #7 by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt allows the Firestorm to briefly prove itself after several years on the bench. Firestorm and a small group of DC vampire characters are trying to destroy a small resistance group consisting of Adam. Strange, Peacemaker, Killer Frost, Mr. Bones and others. During a direct confrontation between the two, Mr. Bones notes Firestorm’s tenure as a member of the League, saying, “I always thought you were the most boring member of the Justice League.” By the end of the fight, the Bones are all that remains of his fellow fighters, although he also dies shortly after. Although he has now become a vampire¬†Firestorm also dies in the confrontation from stake to heart, his body after death spews a huge – probably nuclear -explosion, demonstrating an incredible level of strength.

The epic explosion highlights the fact that Firestorm is a creature of tremendous power and energy, underestimated by the Justice League ally in recent years. Even after death, it is safe to say that the ex-hero could easily destroy all those present in the resistance, if they were still alive. The size of the explosion caused by his wake shows the pure power stored in the Firestorm, but this is not the only manifestation of his power in this matter. By the time of his death, Raymond and his alter ego have already effortlessly destroyed several rebels, as he casually deals with Killer Frost and Wild Dog without even looking at them. If Firestorm had just been fighting the resistance team, it’s safe to assume that he wouldn’t have had any problems with the whole group. In the end, only a covert attack by Jaina, previously unrelated to the group and the only living half of the Miracle Twins, manages to kill the clear winner of the battle up to this point.

The explosion of the Firestorm also highlights the strength of his countrymen, as Jaina comments that “this explosion will not keep the vampires for long,” despite their direct impact. Although Firestorm himself does not survive, his homemade fire and previous combat prowess prove that, when used properly, he has the energy and potential to become an undervalued asset of DC Comics and one of the strongest locomotives of the Justice League to date.