Firepower: death press, explanation


The second season of “Fire Force” was action-packed, riddled with mystery and satisfying. Various events, fights and mysteries unfolded in it. The eighth company of the special fire department, in which the main character of the show, Shinra, is located, tried to interfere with the plans of the Whites, and their actions were to some extent crowned with success. Unfortunately, the White-Clothed won in a sense by adding a new Adolla Explosion user, Inca, to their ranks and killing a high-ranking soldier.

Two key events overshadowed the rest in the last episode of the second season of Fire Force. One of them was the death of Captain Haig from the 6th Company, and the other was Shinra and Arthur’s study of the “hysterical force of the fire scene” caused by the “pressure of death”. to the future battles of Shinra in the upcoming seasons of Fire Force So, what is the “Seal of Death” and how does it work?

Prelude to the press of death – the breath of life

In the first season of Fire Force, Benimaru Shinmon, also known as “The Most Powerful Soldier”, trained Shinra to master the Breath of Life in order to improve his pyrokinetic abilities. After grueling training, Shinra managed to master the technique. Typically, third-generation priokinetics can manipulate the fire present in their bodies to demonstrate fiery abilities, which are mainly used by Special Fire Force companies to fight fires and spontaneous combustion. For Shinra, his legs were the centerpiece of his pyrokinesis, so he needed a technique to increase his speed and attacks; the Breath of Life of Life was just a technique.

Unlike most pyrokinetic techniques, the Breath of Life is more of a mental ability than a “fiery” one. It supports and increases the firepower of users, but has no fire origin. To use the Breath of Life, you need to free your mind from fear and any form of tension. Such a mental state serves as the basis for super-perception, which allows the pyrokinetic to draw conclusions between fatal and false attacks. According to Benimaru, learning the Breath of Life was the key to mastering the Press of Death — the opposite of technique. The ability to feel life helps to evoke the “hysterical power of the fire scene” because it helps the firefighter to better understand what is at stake.

The Hysterical Force of the Fire Scene – Death Press

“The hysterical Power of Fire” was the culmination of the 24th episode of “Fire Power”. Benimaru revealed the technique after Shinra asked him about the ability he could count on when facing a villain stronger than him. After a little persuasion from Lieutenant Konro and Captain Hibana, Benimaru decided to teach Shinra and Arthur the Hysterical power of the fire scene. The hellish training began with a torturous regime for both Shinra and Arthur.

The duo was constantly beaten, pulled by a cart and even dumped into the water for a long time. After that, Benimaru’s revelation that he did not know the purpose of the brutal physical attack that the boys received only angered them, which led to the next stage of training. Fighting both pyrokinetics, Benimaru fought them without even using his fire abilities until they were close to overheating. Only then did Benimaru announce that the “real training” had begun. After receiving another barrage of attacks, Shinra and Arthur were on the verge of death — and suddenly activated the Death Press.

According to Benimaru, the Press of Death reveals all the abilities of a Pyrokinetic. In the case of Shinra, he was able to increase the manipulation of the ignition ability from 30% to 100%. In addition, the Press of Death is closely related to the “survival instinct” at the approach of death. In other words, the fear of imminent death allowed Shinra to use the “Hysterical power of the fire scene”, experiencing the “pressure/pressure of death”. only the chosen ones can stop him.