Firefox Tricks: How To Take A Screenshot


Firefox: You may have ever needed to take a screenshot of what you have on the display. You want to send the seats that are available in the cinema to your friends, the result of a meeting to someone who could not follow it or perhaps a photo from a social network of something that has caught your attention. Whatever the reason, we will teach you how to take a screenshot from Firefox without using more than the browser itself.

Yes, Firefox helps you take screenshots

Screenshots are nothing more than photos that take the full resolution of the screen or a part of it and immortalize it. How to take a photo with your mobile of what you have in front of you but with much higher quality. Best of all, if you have your favorite messaging app installed on your computer, you can send that image with all the quality you need.

This sounds great, right? Now is the time to teach you how to take screenshots from Firefox using only the browser. Yes, this is possible and the best of all is that it is very easy to use. It has the same functionality as the Windows 10 snipping tool, but first of all we have to tell you where it is to start using it.

The truth is that it is not very far and you only need to right click on the mouse to find it. If you browse the menu you will find the fourth option with Take a screenshot. The window will turn dark and the pointer will change to a graticule. This has its reason, which is none other than to mark the beginning of where you want to start the cut. If you hold down you can choose the area to cut and if you let go, don’t worry. The selected area will appear, but anchor points will appear to make the space wider or smaller. Then you can cancel the selection, copy it to the clipboard or download it to your PC.

On the other hand, you have two other ways to make cuts with Firefox. The first is using the smart selection, which is nothing more than the previous function added to a detection of spaces of the page you see. Come on, it will not be necessary to take a specific section if it can be selected automatically with a click. The other option is to take a full photo using the options that appear in the upper right. With a single click you will have a screenshot of the entire screen that you can save or copy as we told you before.


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