Firefox stops sending files due to lack of security


The Mozilla Foundation reported the closure of the Send service activities of the Firefox browser, due to the lack of security. The tool has been temporarily disabled since the beginning of the year, due to the undue distribution of malware. The company analyzed the continuity or not of the application and decided that the best solution would be the end of the platform.

For those who had shared files, the company left a response on its support page. “Unfortunately, these files have been safely deleted from our server. If you shared files from your computer or device, those files are still available on those devices and have in no way been moved or changed.”

Send had been launched in 2017 for users of the Firefox browser and promised to send up to 2 GB of files at once, in an “encrypted, private and secure” way. From the beginning, the application was targeted by hackers, who used it to distribute viruses and steal data. Now, when accessing the tool, the customer is directed to the browser’s main address.

Firefox Notes is also closed
The company also announced that Firefox Notes, which allowed encrypted notes to sync through a browser account, has been discontinued. However, the Firefox extension will continue to be available on existing installations, with a new note export option.

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