Firefox Lost Over 50 Million Users in Two and a Half Years


The popularity of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is not the best. According to public data kept on the service’s website, the browser has registered a smaller and smaller monthly active user base.

More precisely, there were about 50 million users leaving the system to use competitors. At the end of January 2019, Firefox had about 253.87 million monthly users — the peak recorded in the last two years. In the latest updates to the report, at the end of July 2021, the number registered is 197.87 million people.

The data was pointed out by user “nixcraft”, who opened a discussion thread in the Linux community on Reddit to debate why this happened.

Why does it happen?

There are several points that help to partially explain the reason for the drop in Firefox users. The simplest ones are a question of performance: there is a portion of the community that was loyal to the program, but had problems with slowness or incompatibility with tools and chose a rival.

However, competition is also an important factor here. There is quite a considerable migration to browsers based on Google’s Chromium architecture. It is the foundation not only of Google Chrome, but the engine behind names like Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and even Microsoft Edge.

The standard Windows browser, even, is a point that must be taken into account separately. Currently the second most popular browser in the world, Edge has left Firefox behind especially after adopting the Chromium base — helping to clean up Microsoft’s badly damaged image in the industry of the Internet Explorer days.

In an attempt to recover this audience or avoid further losses, Mozilla presented in June 2021 version 89 of Firefox with several new features in appearance and operation.


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