Firefox Introduces Brand New Tab Layout And Menus With New Design


Firefox has released an update that includes the new design. After updating to Firefox 89, one of the changes that you can immediately notice on first launch is a brand new look for tabs.

Firefox tabs are now larger than before, with the focused tab hovering above the toolbar near the top of the browser. In contrast, in Chrome or Safari, the tab on focus appears to be pinned directly to the toolbar.

You can also take a look at the screenshots below to see the difference between the old and new Firefox design. It shows the new design on the left. It is clear that the size of the tabs is getting bigger:

Mozilla says this new standalone design was made to encourage people to move tabs with ease. “To invite you to move, rearrange, and pull out tabs in a new window to fit your feed, we have separated the tab from the browser and organized it so they are easier to find,” Mozilla wrote in its blog post on innovations. says.

There are other changes to the new Firefox design as well. Mozilla cleaned up the toolbar to make it a bit simpler, as you can see in the images above. This is a nice improvement, but in the new design the tabs and toolbar take up more space on the screen.

With the new design, the menus have also become a little more organized. You can see an example of this below: