Firefox: How to open Firefox with the tabs of your previous session automatically


Firefox: Every time you start a session in your favorite browser, you may open more than one tab with different addresses. This is very normal for users who constantly work with Internet tools, and sometimes you will have expected that your entire session has been saved after an unexpected shutdown or if your computer has run out of battery. If something of this kind has happened to you, you may have looked for a way to open Firefox with your previous session automatically and that is why today we are going to tell you about it.

How to open your previous session in Firefox automatically

You may not have found that feature yet that will make it easier for you to navigate in Firefox. The truth is that the browser is one of the best of the moment and it is convenient to take it into account especially in its computer version. If you are one of the users who already have it, you may like to know how to take advantage of it without losing your previous session.

The truth is that there are two ways to get Firefox to remember your tabs from one session to another and now we are going to tell you one of them that has to do with a simple adjustment that you have to do. Follow the following steps that we tell you below:

Click on the Settings in the upper right
Select the Options section
Go to the General section> Home

At this point you will not have to scroll anymore since in the first option of all a feature called Restore previous session appears. This is the one that will help you to recover all the information that you left in the previous session and that you will recover when you open Firefox again.

Another trick to open your previous Firefox tabs

Now you know the details to open your Firefox tabs automatically when you open the browser. However, you may have a bug in the machine that closes it unexpectedly and this is where the second trick comes into play, since Firefox has an anti-error system. If the session was closed unexpectedly, the browser will know it and will automatically give you the option to recover the entire previous session even if you do not have the previous tab activated. Of course, we advise you to activate the function to heal yourself in health and, in case you wonder, it does not restore those that you opened in private mode.