Firefox gets update with new video display feature

Last Tuesday (23), the developers of Mozilla Firefox announced news for the browser based on open source. The update includes a new feature called “Multiple Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode”, in free translation, which allows the simultaneous display of several videos on the screen in “pop-up” format. In addition, changes were also implemented in the management of cookies on the platform, in order to promote more security for the user.

The new multiple mode of Picture-in-Picture is an expansion of functions for the original PiP feature: with the novelty, users will have a more satisfying and comfortable multitasking experience, with the simultaneous display of varied videos and support for individual controls of keyboard playback.

According to the developers, Picture-in-Picture was the most acclaimed feature by Firefox users in 2020. Thus, in response to requests from a part of users, the team responsible for the browser decided to expand the functions offered by PiP. The update is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

In addition, the Firefox update also implements the Total Cookie Protection system, responsible for individually storing the data collected by each website while browsing the internet. The measure should prevent web addresses from having access to data collected outside their domain, promoting more security and privacy for the user without jeopardizing their experience of use.

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