Firefox Bug Prevents Access To Microsoft Websites


Firefox users are having difficulty accessing the website and its subdomains in recent days, which could prevent them from using services such as OneDrive and Microsoft 365, for example. As reported by Bleeping Computer on Thursday (16), the problem was reported in several countries.

According to complaints made on the big tech support page, attempts to access the Microsoft website using the Mozilla browser result in the display of a “Secure Connection Failed” message. The same happens on the websites “”, “” and “”, among others.

The flaw would be linked to the SSL certificate presented by the Redmond giant’s domains, which for some reason are not recognized in Firefox. In other browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari, these same pages open normally.

According to the publication, a bug in Mozilla’s browser for eight years may be responsible for preventing the opening of pages. Since the program does not yet recognize the SHA-2 family of hashes, including SHA-256, any certificate containing it is not considered valid, causing the browser to terminate the connection.

Update fixes the bug

The browser developers have found a solution to the problem, which comes along with other minor fixes, in a new program update. That way, just update the current build to Firefox 95.0.1 on the Mozilla website, now available globally.

While the update was not released, an alternative to temporarily fix the bug was to disable the browser’s OCSP clipping, which eliminates the need to check the status of a certificate. Anyone who used the method needs to enable the feature again in their browser settings after installing the update.