Firefox 86 ensures full protection against cookies


Mozilla launched last Tuesday (23), Firefox 86, version for macOS, Windows and Linux. The novelty is that the update has the “Total Cookie Pretection”, a feature that makes it difficult to use cookies in navigation tracking. The goal is to ensure more privacy and prevent websites from sharing data against the user’s will.

Cookies are small text files that act as “traces” of identity, monitoring pages visited by the user and targeting more specific advertising. This is how, when searching for backpacks on Amazon, you “bump” in product advertisements on several other sites, for example.

In summary, the solution found by Firefox will not prevent companies from using cookies. An image released explains that the browser will create a “bottle” for each site. Thus, each cookie can only be read by the website that created it, making it difficult to track navigation and avoid sharing data between platforms.

The feature, however, is not activated in standard mode. If the user wants to use it, it is necessary to choose the strict privacy settings, available in the browser protection panel.

The Firefox 86 version is now available on the official page, for Windows, masOS and Linux. The automatic update of the browser is being released for those who are already users.


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