Firefox 75 Changes the Suggestion Bar


Firefox, Mozilla’s web browser, has decided to make changes. With the innovation to be made in the address bar section, https and www will be hidden. There is also a way of how to undo the change.

Mozilla, one of the internet browsers that are used while browsing the Internet, will perform restoration on Firefox. With the innovation to be reflected in future versions, a number of changes are waiting for Firefox users in the address bar section.

Under current conditions, as in all other browsers, when you type any word in the address bar, a suggestion list appears. A menu with bookmarks, frequently visited sites and suggestions welcomes you on the list.

Firefox has changed to the suggestion bar:
Currently, as you can see in the screenshot above in the current version, all results displaying a website show the full protocol and address. However, starting with Firefox 75 version, the https and www section is not included in the suggestions section. Chrome also implements this feature. Note that this does not affect the display of active sites in the address bar.

When we begin to write a website name in Firefox Nightly at the moment, we notice that there is no https or www section in front of the addresses we encounter in the suggestions section. Although Firefox mimics Chrome, in this way it wants to keep the browser interface free of complexity and take it as simple as possible. Thus, it is aimed to increase the readability.

Steps to undo the change of Firefox:
Users who do not like this change made by Mozilla can opt out of this feature. For this, 4 stages should be applied. Item by item stages are as follows:

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1. Type about: config in your browser’s address bar and press ‘enter’.

2. Confirm the section that you will be warned.

3. Search the search field by typing browser.urlbar.trimURLs in the search section.

4. Set the value at the end of the line to “False”.

Setting the value to False disables editing of addresses in the address bar. You can restore the default at any time by setting the value back to True. So, what do you think about this change in Firefox? You can specify your opinions in the comments section.


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