Fireball seen in the sky of Pará and Ceará was space junk


A mysterious object was seen cutting across the sky in several cities in the states of Pará and Ceará on Tuesday night (16), leaving residents curious about its origin. There were those who said it was a comet, asteroid, meteor, Starlink satellites and even something from another planet, according to comments on social networks.

But according to the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network (BRAMON), none of these guesses are correct. The flying object that at times looked like a fireball was actually space junk re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Based on the witnesses’ reports, shared images and videos from Clima Clima Live cameras recorded in Belém (Pará), where a large part of the object disintegrated, and in Fortaleza (Ceará), the organization concluded that it was the remains of equipment placed in orbit. Some of the images used in the analysis are in the video below:

BRAMON was able to identify the possible object that caused the phenomenon seen in parts of the North and Northeast regions: NORAD 33058, whose orbital data indicated a very low danger on Tuesday morning. According to the network, he was on a trajectory similar to the fireball and passing close to the region when he was observed in the capital of Pará.

Rocket launched in 2008

The object in question is a part that came loose from the Ariane 5 rocket, as pointed out by BRAMON. The piece, called Sylda, makes it possible to launch two satellites on the same mission, separating the loads in the spaceship compartment.

He was part of the French rocket that was part of a mission launched in French Guiana on June 12, 2008. After completing its work, Sylda was discarded and orbited the Earth for more than 10 years, re-entering the atmosphere now, at a speed 7.16 km / s, according to the entity.


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