Fireball explodes over Portugal at dawn


The Universe, this year, seems to have more frequently responded to requests for “Vem meteoro” – this time, a fireball exploded in the skies south of Portugal at dawn this Monday (16).

The bolide began to be followed by sensors from the Andalusian Astrophysics Institute (IAA-CSIC), and by the astronomical observatories in Calar Alto, Seville and La Hita, Spain, as soon as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

The meteor crossed the entire Iberian Peninsula until it exploded over

After entering the atmosphere at 227 thousand kilometers per hour, the friction of the atmosphere with the rock (probably the piece of a comet), caused it to explode, at 60 kilometers of altitude, in a flash seen by the naked eye throughout the south of the country.

The event was captured by numerous cameras, such as the one at the Calar Alto Observatory:

A meteor to call Brazilian

In May this year, a similar meteorite scared residents of the city of Tiros, in Minas Gerais. After searching around the city looking for fragments of the meteor, one of them found a piece of about 400g, which helped to identify the origin of the rock.

Analysis of the fragment revealed that the now-called Tiros meteorite is part of Vesta, one of the largest asteroids in the solar system.

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