Fire of People Walking on the Street with Drone in the USA to be Measured


In the US, the country most affected by the coronavirus epidemic, Connecticut police have completed their preparations for using “epidemic drones”. With its specially developed sensors and vision capability, Draganfly will be able to measure the fire of people walking on the streets with the drone.

In the USA, it has been recorded that more than 800 thousand patients and more than 45 thousand people died due to the coronavirus outbreak. The country is implementing a new application within the scope of coronavirus measures. The Westport police station in Connecticut, USA, will begin to measure people’s streets from afar with a special drone purchased from Canada.

The drone, which will be used by the Westport police, which signed with the Canadian-based company Draganfly, can measure people’s fires at a distance of 57 meters. The system that can detect people’s heart rhythm, breathing rate, will be provided through the special viewfinder and system developed. Thus, it will be easier to identify people who are sick in public areas.

“The unmanned aerial vehicle will only transfer the data of people in the public sphere,” said the statement, which stated that people’s identities are not taken or data will not be used. Health information of people in private areas will not be accessible ”.


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