Fire in California: see images of the space phenomenon


The fire that engulfed western Sacramento, California, United States, is being monitored from space. Satellites were able to capture photographs and videos of the smoke that spreads through the fire area and determine the range of the flames.

It is a very hot period in the western United States. Temperatures are breaking records and are causing fires in forested regions, approximately 50,000 hectares have been burnt down, according to the New York Times.

NASA Earth’s satellite spotted clouds of smoke originating
through the flames in California. The dry climate, together with the high temperatures, provoke the frightening fires that have already evacuated thousands of people, according to the agency.

By the images and according to the European Space Agency (ESA), there are about 40 different fires distributed along the coast of the US state – in this case, spotted by the Sentinel-3 satellite, managed by the institution.

They are kilometers completely covered by the smoke cloud, a consequence of the fire that attracts attention and completely clashes with the natural clouds. The impact extends well beyond California, reaching the state of Nevada and part of the Pacific Ocean.

The vision of the astronauts

While inhabiting space stations, astronauts also spotted the phenomenon. The photographs are frightening by the scale of the destruction caused by the flames.

On his twitter, Chris Cassidy, responsible for the catches, thanks the efforts of the local authorities and asks for prayers for all the inhabitants of the affected areas.


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