Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes — how to unlock a Dancer Class


Looking for a Dancer’s Guide Dancer’s Class

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has a variety of classes that players can unlock and use throughout the game. Unlocking the Dancer class is a more complex process than most others, and this guide explains how to do it.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a hack and slash role—playing game developed by Omega Force and published by Nintendo. Players take on the role of a mercenary with an offended “Shez” who intends to take revenge on the Ash Demon. Joining forces with one of the three Houses, players engage in countless battles for their chosen faction as the war for the fate of Fodlan rages.

How to find a guide for a dancer

To unlock the dancer class, players need to visit a certain point on the war map in Chapter 12 (in “Crimson Flash” and “Azure Glow”) or in Chapter 13 (“Golden Forest Fire”).

The NPC at base camp will mention something about the White Heron Cup when the chapter is reached to hint at it. The exact location differs from one route to another, but players will need to find a house on the war map (usually on the edge of the area being explored) and interact with it to talk to the resident.

When highlighted, the house will have a green star icon with question marks under the awards section. The resident will offer to show Sheza and others the Dancer’s Class Book, opening the class for use from now on.

Dancer Class

The Dancer is a sword—wielding class with an advantage against folios, which makes him fantastic at killing spellcasters. Their ability to use magic means they can also heal or deal area damage on command, and their class action allows them to perform a rotational attack. This attack with rotation can be linked by correctly calculating the time of entering the x button (using the indicator above the character when performing the attack as a guide), providing a positive effect to the squad and any surrounding allies, depending on the number of successfully connected rotations.

The attack itself is great for hitting enemies around the player, and spells like Dark Spike T can provide a Dancer with excellent opportunities against cavalry.

With excellent sword play, group boosts, and the ability to equip and use magic, the Dancer proves to be a great addition to the team for any mission.

Characters like Yuri and Petra can easily access the class, as it can be unlocked by mastering the thief; Shaz and Holst can easily access it through the sword master, and although spellcasters like Lysifia and Marianne take significantly longer to unlock it, they can more easily get access to powerful spells to increase its effectiveness.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is available for the Nintendo Switch.