Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes — How to pass master classes quickly


Upgrade classes and class experience Use the training ground

In the world of Fire Emblem, units started from the initial class, which could be upgraded to a stronger class with the help of a Printing Workshop. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, classes have been divided into different levels and elementary, intermediate and advanced prints are presented.

Although some units work better with certain classes, everyone is able to learn and master almost every class that Three Houses has to offer. This class system/mechanic returns in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Having mastered the class, the units will learn martial arts and abilities. The best way to strengthen the characters is to master different classes, but upgrading a class can take a long time. Fortunately, it’s easier to master classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes than in the previous Three Houses game.

Rating upgrade classes and class experience

It goes without saying that one of the ways to increase the level of classes is the participation of units in battle. The characters will not only increase their level, but also gain class experience.

Beginner classes like the Myrmidon and Soldier classes are easier to rank up than a master class like Mortal Servant. Keep in mind that it is not possible to gain class experience for more than one class at a time.

Players can switch between the classes they have learned using the class seal by entering the convoy. Use ZR or ZL to scroll to the “Change Class” tab. To unlock stronger classes, players need to master the previous class in the same “tree/branch”. For example, a Pegasus Knight (Intermediate level; female units only) and a Cavalier (Intermediate level) become available after mastering a Soldier (Beginner). Classes can be studied by selecting “Get a Class” from the training instructor.

Class experience can be earned in main and side missions, paralogs and additional quests. Completed levels can be replayed at the keeper of records in the camp. However, the more side missions/explorations players complete on the war map, the less glory they will earn for completing the chapter/main mission.

If the players don’t care about fame, take advantage of every mission the chapter has to offer.

One strategy is to equip the squad with the class they are best at, or an advanced/master level class. This is indicated by the blue arrows on the “Change/Purchase class” screen.

The experience will go to the “main class”, while other classes can be upgraded at the training center in the camp. Having mastered them, switch to a class with the right abilities and take them into battle.

There are no special requirements for obtaining Class Experience, but the more players use a unit in battle, the more experience they will get depending on the level, Class and Martial Arts (if they are used). This can be achieved by defeating several enemies and capturing fortresses.

Endow the character with the “Provocation” ability from the “Sword Master” class to increase the number of enemies for that particular squad.

Use the training grounds

Since Shaz is not a teacher like Baylet, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes offers a new way to increase the rank of weapons and class mastery. The training instructor opens immediately at the beginning of Chapter 4 on each route.

Like Three Houses Activity Points, Three Hopes has training points that can be used in the training center to strengthen units.

At the start, the players will have only two points. They can be replenished by studying the war map, and they will be restored/increased to the maximum when players advance through the “Three Hopes” story. However, training points are not carried over at the beginning of a new chapter, so it is better to use them before completing the main mission.

Perhaps by the time Chapter 4 is completed, the player will have 1 out of 2 Training Points. At the beginning of Chapter 5, players will only have 2 Training Points instead of 3, because Training and Activity Points are not carried over into subsequent chapters.

Players can increase the training points limit by building a training center using resource materials that can be obtained as a result of research or trading in a supply warehouse (Chapter 5). The completed training complex will give players 8 training points per chapter.

Select Train at the Training Instructor to set up units. Each time the Object is used, one training point is spent. There are four slots that are suitable for two devices. Just like players increase training points, training slots can be increased using the Object Wizard if players have the right materials.

A training instructor is also a great way to build support between the characters. Assign two units to one slot, and then select the class they should train in. Press (+)/Start when you finish, and the units will start training, and one training point will be spent.