Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes — How to Grow Materials


Camp facilities are a brand new feature in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. All objects will eventually be unlocked by the beginning of Chapter 6, but players will receive a guide to upgrade them in Chapter 4. Building objects requires materials that are collectible items that can also be used for trade or sale in the camp. .

The rooms are very similar to the workshops, goals and dining room in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. By building an object in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, players will have access to more resources and more chances to succeed in cooking or doing housework. As many players have already guessed, high-quality materials are required for better improvement of objects. Fortunately, there are several ways to farm them.

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Collecting materials

The easiest way to farm materials is to do side quests on the war map. Some of the Territories that can be explored after the area is cleared (i.e. marked in blue) will give three different Materials as a reward. However, not all materials are free, and some NPCs won’t give them away unless they get something like gold in return.

The second way to get materials is to use a Supply Warehouse. After each battle (including at the Keeper of Records), players will be able to collect supplies. This is one way to get various items, such as blacksmithing stones, food, and even materials. In addition, players can exchange blacksmithing stones for materials. In the beginning, three forging stones will give one (low-quality) material.

By improving the Supply Warehouse, players can reduce the cost of materials and increase the exchange rate. A completely improved supply warehouse will allow players to buy materials of any quality. Thus, the Supply Warehouse is one of the first objects that players have to work on improving.

What to do with materials

The most logical way to use Materials is to give them to the Management of the Object. There are several categories of materials for each object. For example, advanced combat material can only be used in the tactical academy, but not on the training ground or kitchen. During the first pass, it will be impossible to improve all objects to their maximum potential. Fortunately, the collected materials will be transferred to the new Plus game.

Once players upgrade all the facilities and get an S rank for their camp, they will no longer need materials. Players can sell them from an item seller or exchange them for blacksmithing stones and minerals at a supply warehouse. This is a good way to farm items needed for forging and releasing weapons.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is already available on the Nintendo Switch.


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