Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes — all paralogs (how to unlock them)


All routes are Scarlet Flame Azure Radiance Golden Wildfire Scarlet Flame and Golden Wildfire

There are several optional paralogs in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes: special missions that delve deeper into the stories of various characters. Everyone can only be accessed when the right characters are on the list and a certain chapter has been reached, and this guide explains how to find them all.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a hack and slash role—playing game developed by Koei Tecmo and Omega Force and published by Nintendo. The game takes place in the same world as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but in a different timeline created by the survival of a mercenary who is destined to die. As the mercenary said, players join one of the three houses and quickly find themselves drawn into various overlapping schemes and conflicts of the Fodlan.

All routes

These paralogs can be accessed in any way if the correct characters are typed.

Cycles of nostalgia – Arval

“Arval’s Paralog” is a special case because it requires players to fulfill several requirements during the passage and then enter a new game plus, so players who want to avoid spoilers should avoid reading this section.

To unlock Cycles of Nostalgia, players need to recruit a Baylet and complete the game, then unlock an Arval with NG+ fame and avoid hiring a Baylet along the way. When these criteria are met, the Arval paralog will become available, allowing players to look into the distant past of Fodlan and the origin of Arval.

Eagles, Lions and deer – Gatekeeper

Access to the Gatekeeper’s paralog is quite simple, it becomes available automatically as soon as the Gatekeeper can be played. This is a memory of the events of a fictitious battle between the Three Houses.

This happened between Shaz joining their chosen home and the mission in which they rescued Monica. At first, the story skips it without mentioning it, which makes it a very interesting paralog.

Disturbing Truths – Raphael, Ignaz and Lorenz

“Disturbing Truths” is a very pleasant paralog for players who have completed the paralog of Lorenz and Raphael in the “Three Houses”. To gain access to this paralog, players must hire Raphael, Ignatz and Lorenz.

Players on the Golden Wildfire route will have to wait a few chapters before the paralog appears. It explores the events surrounding the deaths of Raphael’s parents and grandfather Claude, as well as the possible role of the Earl of Gloucester in these events.

The Reunion of the Ashen Wolves – Yuri, Balthus, Constance and Hapi

“The Reunion of the Ash Wolves” is a four—person paralog in which former Ash Wolves return to their past and help several friends from the Abyss. It can be unlocked by recruiting all four members of the Ash Wolves, which will take up to the second part of the story regardless of the route.

Scarlet flame

These paralogs can only be accessed on the Scarlet Blaze route.

Big day for the opera company – Manuela and Dorothea

In this paralog, accessible to the simple promotion of the history and preservation of the life of Manuela and Dorothea, the couple accompanies an opera troupe between cities and through a pack of bandits.

There is a unique trick in the paralog when defeating bandits, Dorothea or Manuela fans, with the right unit will recruit them as allies for the rest of the map.

Incurable isolation – Monica and Bernadette

This paralog opens if Bernadette and Monica stay alive and develop according to the plot. In it, Monica, Bernadette and Duke Gert are looking for Those who glide in the dark in a network of caves.

Nobleman among the nobles – Ferdinand, Lorenz and Constance

This paralog requires players to hire Lorenz and Constance before he becomes available. It has a training exercise turned into a competition to determine which of the three is the noblest of the nobles.

Ensrouded Memories – Lysifia, Edelgard and Hapi

This paralog requires players to hire Lysifia and Hapi and then continue the story to make it available. In it, the three explore a hideout associated with a prominent member of Those who glide in the dark.

Like cats and dogs – Kaspar and Linhardt

This paralog requires players to keep Kaspar and Linhardt alive and progress through the story to unlock it. In this paralog, Kaspar and Linhardt hunt rebel sympathizers who have taken refuge in a nearby town.

Their fathers and Shaz help them. This quickly becomes an opportunity for their fathers to personally test the couple in battle.