Fire Emblem: Three Hopes — Dorothea’s Character Guide (abilities and Equipment)


In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Dorothea is a playable character associated with the Adrestian Empire. Her primary class is a Monk, and she starts the game with a Folio. Players will discover that her preferred class is a magician, and she is interested in singing and everything else a little bit. Visually, Dorothea is a young girl with long brown hair in a red outfit. Players should note that she dislikes arrogant nobles as much as herself, and she likes singing, playing, music, decorative ornaments and accessories, as well as small animals in the story Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Dorothea has three unique abilities that players can use in battle. Prismatic Resonance is an action ability that gives Dorothea a small chance to create musical notes around the unit when she performs normal attacks. If she or her opponents attack musical notes, they will encounter spontaneous shock waves. Dorothea’s auxiliary ability is a Singer who restores the health of her surrounding allies and awakening sensors after completing a special warrior. And finally, Dorothea’s tactical ability is Center Surge. When Dorothea attacks, this ability increases the damage inflicted on enemies by 30%.

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Since Dorothea starts the game with a Folio and an elementary-grade monk, it’s best for players to use her as a supporting character with her recovery and restoration of the ability scale from the Singer ability. Players will want to focus on weapons that either enhance her existing abilities or mitigate her weaknesses in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Dorothea is not as good as other classes of magicians or priests from Black Eagles, so players may be interested in changing her initial class. Her basic character characteristics have lower strength, defense, and movement, so players may want to equip her with appropriate gear to compensate for these shortcomings.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – How to Use Dorothea’s Art

In addition to her abilities, Dorothea also possesses unique Arts. Martial arts are special attacks that players use during their phase. Arts can increase the combat characteristics of a unit, as well as cause other game effects. It should be noted that martial arts cannot trigger subsequent attacks and are not associated with a specific weapon. To learn martial arts in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, players need to increase their rank in various classes. Players will be able to use two martial arts and four abilities.

Dorothea has the least number of Arts in the classes Myrmidon, Soldier, Fighter, Monk, Robber and Pegasus Knight, and only one option in the rating with one, two and three stars for each class. For a Mercenary, a Knight in Armor and a Cavalier, Dorothea has only four options, two options in her two-star rank for each class. Dorothea also has four options for the Priest and Mage classes, with two options for her one-star rank. In addition, Dorothea has four art classes for a thief with two options at the three-star level. Finally, the character Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Dorothea has the most Arts in the class Archers with two options at each star rank, six Arts in total.