Fire Emblem Engage: Each hero appears as a summoning ring with an emblem


In September 2022, Nintendo Direct, Intelligent Systems and Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Engage, the 17th major release of the strategic role-playing game franchise. In true Fire Emblem style, a group of evil magicians seeks to resurrect the dark dragon and destroy the world. Alear, the protagonist of a boy or girl-a dragon child whose hair is compared to the Pepsi logo—wakes up after a thousand years to help save the world from this threat.

But Alear and company can equip special “Rings with Emblems” that allow them to summon heroes from other worlds and even unite to become a better warrior. Although the details haven’t been fully revealed, the emblem rings promise to add another level of customization beyond skills and classes. The Fire Emblem Engage trailer featured a stained glass mosaic with 12 emblems, one from each of the main Fire Emblem games (without remakes and one direct sequel).

March – Emblem of Fire: Shadow Dragon

Without March, there would be no Fire Emblem. The least surprising entry on this list. March seems to be the first and most important emblem that players will receive. The main character from the first Fire Emblem game, who occupies a prominent place in the key art of the game and in the announcing trailer, seems to be closely related to Alear. Although the role that Emblems will play is still unknown, March seems to be an independent character, not an insensitive echo.

Celica – Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

The magic-wielding deuteragonist from Shadows of Valentia gives the Emblem some insight into spells. The priestess appeared in the Fire Emblem Engage trailer, where she was summoned by a regal-looking magician named Celine. The two join forces to destroy an enemy soldier with the Ragnarok spell, so it’s safe to say that Selika will be an excellent emblem for spellcasters.

Sigurd – The Emblem of Fire: The Genealogy of the Holy War

The first main character from the Japan-exclusive Genealogy of the Holy War will make his debut in the west in Fire Emblem Engage, despite Fire Emblem Heroes. The famous knight lord teams up with a noble cavalier named Alfred in the trailer, enhancing his amazing fighting abilities on horseback. While Sigurd has yet to get his own Fire Emblem Echoes style remake, Sigurd’s fans can look forward to him going into battle in Fire Emblem Engage.

Leif – Emblem of Fire: Thrace 776

Like Sigurd, Fire Emblem Engage is Leif’s first foray into the western world outside of a mobile gacha game. Leif’s inclusion in Fire Emblem Engage is significant, given that Thracia 776 is notoriously difficult even among Fire Emblem games, and poor timing has led to it becoming the best-selling game in franchise history. Little is known about Leif’s appearance in Fire Emblem Engage, but nevertheless his return to the franchise will be a victory.

Swarm – Emblem of Fire: Binding Blade

Roy is one of the first Fire Emblem characters that Western fans met together with March in Super Smash Brothers Melee. However, unlike in March, Roy’s original Fire Emblem game has not yet been released outside Japan. However, the Fire Lord would certainly be an impressive Emblem, especially if he was equipped with the Flaming Sword Durandal.

Lyndis – Fire Emblem: Flaming Blade

Sakaena swordsman Lindis is a representative of The Blazing Blade in Fire Emblem Engage. One of the three lords from the first Fire Emblem game who left Japan, Lin is a fan favorite due to the unique design and samurai fighting style reminiscent of the famous Fire Emblem sword masters. While an axe—wielding Hector might have been an interesting inclusion, Lin was ultimately the best choice-in no small part to keep the Emblems from being male.

Eirika – Emblem of Fire: Sacred Stones

Fencing Princess Eirika was chosen to represent the Sacred Stones instead of her twin brother Ephraim wielding a spear. Although little is known about her appearance in the game, the strong-willed and kind-hearted Eirika is likely to be a great emblem for characters with high speed and skills.

Ike – Emblem of Fire: The Way of Radiance

As the third Fire Emblem character to make it into Super Smash Bros., Ike is the obvious choice for Fire Emblem Engage. Curiously, Ike seems to take on the guise of a Brave mercenary with an axe from Fire Emblem Heroes, and not with Ragnell’s Divine Blade. This is probably done in order to balance the pool of Emblem characters that would otherwise be heavy, and to provide synergy with fighters and berserkers wielding axes.

Micah – Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

The infamous Light Magician from the Dawn Brigade is a representative of the sequel to the Path of Radiance in Fire Emblem Engage. Mikaya is the first lord of the Fire Emblem, fighting exclusively with magic, and joins Selika as one of the few Emblems using magic in the game.


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