Fire Emblem: Building the Lords of the Three Houses in Dungeons and Dragons


Between “Very Strange Things”, “The Wonderland of Tiny Tina” and the “Critical Role”, “Dungeons and Dragons” has achieved unprecedented mass success over the past few years. Since Dungeons and Dragons is currently developing its evergreen One D&D system, and the Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie is released on March 3, 2023, fans of the tabletop role-playing game have a lot to look forward to.

It’s a time-honored tradition of Dungeons and Dragons players to draw inspiration from their favorite media and bring them back to their table. As a franchise, Fire Emblem is practically begging to come to TTRPG with its high fantasy and class-based gameplay. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is especially good due to its dynamic characters, political intrigues and unique weapons. Here are a few ways players can create the main characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in Dungeons and Dragons.

Edelgard – Paladin of the Oath of Conquest

The leader of the House of Black Eagles, Princess Edelgard von Hresvelg is known for her strength of mind and body, as well as for her imperious leadership and unwavering determination. Thus, the Conquest Oath Paladin is the perfect Dungeons and Dragons class for her. As a paladin, Edelgard supports her allies with her Aura of Protection, Laying on of Hands and Witchcraft, and the Oath of Conquest allows her to dominate the battlefield, instilling fear in the hearts of those who dare to raise a hand against her. As a princess, the Variant of a Person with a Noble Background is well suited for Edelgard.

The secondary coat of arms of Seiros Edelgard can be reproduced with the help of a Paladin’s Divine Strike. As for feats, a War Caster or Guardian can allow her to maintain control of the battlefield with spells or attacks whenever possible, while a Heavy Armor Master or Shield Master can make her even harder to defeat. In addition, an “Inspirational Leader” can be a great way to present her incomparable leadership qualities. For players who want to delve deeper into the insidious side of Edelgard, the Mastermind Rogue multiclass allows her to gain additional skills and leadership abilities, as well as mastery in disguise kits to help players perform the Flame Emperor trick on their own.

Although Edelgard’s axe, Aimr, has different abilities depending on the game, it can cause additional damage to dragons in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Thus, getting a battle axe or a large dragon fighter axe would be the best option.

Dmitry – cavalier-warrior/fanatic-barbarian

Dmitry Bleiddid is a strong leader of the Blue Lions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Dmitry has two aspects: a noble prince and an angry conqueror. Thus, multiclassing as a cavalier warrior and a fanatic barbarian is the best way to show both of these faces. The fighter’s levels allow him to defend himself and his allies by knocking down enemies riding his horse, while the barbarian fanatic allows him to become an unkillable destructive force. As in the case of Edelgard, the Option of a Person of Noble Origin will do, although the background of the Ghost from Van Richten’s “Ravenloft Guide” may also be suitable, given his traumatic background.

To represent the secondary Coat of Arms of Bladeddid Dmitry beyond the destructive blows of the Divine Fury of the fanatic, the Great feat of the Master of Weapons will allow Dmitry to destroy opponents with mighty blows and dissect enemies. An equestrian fighter will help him excel in combat on horseback even more than usual for a cavalier, while a Master of Shaft Weapons can be a powerful choice of D&D skill with his typical choice of weapons.

Aredbhar, a Relic of Heroes owned by Dmitry, is a terrifying glaive capable of dealing effective damage to any creature. Thus, many types of weapons could be used to represent him. A certain death, Sharpness, or Furious Glaive—or even a simple +3—would be a good choice if someone didn’t craft their own Dungeons and Dragons weapon for Dimitri.

Claude is a Ranger of Drake’s Guards

Claude von Regan, the leader of the Golden Deer in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, is a cunning but laid—back archer who often fights from the back of a wyvern. Thus, Drakewarden Ranger is a natural choice for him. The Ranger class already has fantastic support for bow-wielding classes, and the Dragon Keeper’s drake companion can eventually take to the skies, making it an ideal combat vehicle. Like the last two, the “Man-Noble” option is well suited to Claude’s race and background.

Regan’s coat of Arms gives Claude the ability to restore life points from time to time, an ability easily replicated by Ranger’s witchcraft abilities in D&D. The “Sniper” skill can allow Claude to hit any target and make it count, while the “Mounted Fighter” skill is also an excellent choice, as it provides additional protection to his dragon companion. Also known as a Master tactician, players can complete several levels in Mastermind Rogue or Lore Bard if they want to plunge more into Claude’s cunning.


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