The fire at Barça hides the problems of Madrid and gives peace of mind


It is very clear that these days we are not talking about a crisis in Madrid not because of the victory against Galatasaray but because of the convulsive situation that a Barça is experiencing, which are more or less accompanying the results but that the same is not the case with their feelings.

And it is that while in Chamartín it is assumed that this is going to be a complicated year with a worn out team and trying to set up a new project, in the City of Barcelona they live a kind of countdown. They run out of Messi, they know it and they can’t afford another year without winning the Champions League.

It is Europe, and not the League, the great Barca concern. His seven points are still an illusion that hide that were worse than his three rivals, both in Dortmund and in Prague and before Inter Milan at the Camp Nou.

Ter Stegen’s crack, Messi’s looks, are all symptoms of an accumulated tension that increases with bad team play. It is no longer even worthy to be leaders in the League and first in a complicated continental group, the main goal is for the team to give confidence that this year will not happen in Liverpool and in Rome. And it is not happening.

As Barça and Madrid are communicating vessels, white people take advantage of this to have at least several days of tranquility until the next game, a stop forced by postponement. Because the reality of Real Madrid is complex, with a project caught with threads and actions more than worrisome.

While in Can Barça the thing is regular, in the merengue entity you can throw forward, but you can not depend on how bad you go in Barcelona to go pulling, because in the League the Catalans are going to take cruising speed ( with Messi, it is what it is) and getting off the hook in the domestic competition will make the crisis finally settle in a Madrid too irregular, too unreliable.

Zidane has time to work and, above all, to analyze what are the valid pieces with which he can stand up to the rhythm of points of the eternal rival. Because either Madrid becomes very regular or there will be no culinary problems that cover reality.


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