Fionna and Cake: Adventure Time To Have New Spin-Off Series on HBO Max


The Adventure Time universe is about to grow! Streaming HBO Max ordered 10 new episodes of the animation, about 30 minutes each, but with new protagonists: Fionna and Cake.

Do the names sound familiar? This unbeatable duo have already made appearances in the original Adventure Time series. The characters are Finn and Jake, however, with the genders switched. They were introduced to the universe in season three of the original Adventure Time.

In this new series, the characters will join former Ice King Simon Petrikov on a journey of incredible discovery and adventure across the Ooo world. Meanwhile, they’ll have to face a new villain, who has yet to be revealed and will be featured in the animation, and who wants to eliminate them from the universe!

Billy Wee, senior vice president of Original Comedy and Animation at HBO Max, said he is excited to partner with Cartoon Network to create this new animated series that promises to continue to appeal to children and adults alike.

The 10 episodes of the spin-off will be in the hands of showrunner Adam Muto, who was one of the producers of the original Adventure Time. Muto won two Emmys for her work with animation, which received eight figurines during the years it was shown.

This is an HBO addition to the Adventure Time franchise. Since it was launched, the streaming channel has already released four specials of the cartoon (Adventure Time: Distant Lands, with three 1-hour episodes, and Adventure Time: Wizard City, which will be released soon).

It remains to be seen whether the same voice actors will return to the characters. Also, there is no release date for the ordered episodes yet. In the meantime, you can enjoy and marathon every season of Adventure Time on HBO streaming.


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