Fintech brings Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the PIX


Last Wednesday (17), the Brazilian fintech Alter announced the adoption of the PIX, developed by the Central Bank of Brazil. As a result of a partnership with Dock, a startup specialized in financial technology, the company became the first in the country to carry out cryptocurrency operations, such as Bitcoin, and to have integration with the new national payment system.

With the novelty, it will be possible to buy, sell, transfer and withdraw cryptocurrencies in different wallets according to the user’s desire, in addition to also making payments with their crypto balance through PIX, in a single interface. It is worth mentioning that, according to the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil, the payment system is free and unlimited, thus being free of fees.

In this sense, the Legal Director of fintech, Julieti Brambila, says that despite having been a complex task, the integration of the system is safe: “Alter was able to structure, in addition to a strong onboarding […], a compliance table, monitoring transactions to the highest standards used in the financial market, ensuring that fraudulent transactions are combated at the root, ”he explains.

Alter’s update was initially made available to platform investors, but is now available to all its users as of this Friday (19th), with the possibility of registering their own PIX keys – as in traditional banks.

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