Finn Wolfhard himself promotes his own t-shirts!


Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard is promoting his own t-shirts. And frankly, they are so cool! Finn Wolfhard is currently promoting his own t-shirts. And frankly, they are too hot!

Finn Wolfhard is a star with many hats.

Indeed, the flagship actor of the successful Netflix series, Stranger Things, also makes music, and has just launched his own collection of t-shirts. Crazy, right?

Yes, although Finn Wolfhard is very young (he is only 17 years old), he does not hesitate to get involved in many projects.

In short, nothing seems to be able to stop Mike’s interpreter!

In fact, the actor has just set a whole new goal: to promote himself his collection of t-shirts, made with his friend Billy Bryk! Just that !

Yes, via his social networks, Finn Wolfhard does not hesitate to talk about his brand. And he’s right !

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


Finn Wolfhard seems ready for any challenge! Indeed, the successful Stranger Things actor has decided to promote his t-shirts himself! Just that !

So, on Insta, the actor doesn’t hesitate to share different visuals of the t-shirts made with his long-time friend, Billy Bryk. Too cool, right?

But that’s not all ! Indeed, on the Insta of his podcast, @Lacklusterpod, Finn Wolfhard also shares glimpses of his worn t-shirts!

Yep, the actor doesn’t hesitate to model himself for his brand. So awesome !

Thus, on @Lacklusterpod, the interpreter of Mike poses in particular with a white t-shirt with long sleeves, on which is written the following message “LacklusterVideo”.

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And frankly, this t-shirt is super cool! We, in any case, we are downright fans!

In fact, we congratulate him on this superb project! Well done to him and to his friend!


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