Finn Wolfard Hinted That “Stranger Things 5” May Be Released in 2025


Finn Wolfard suggested that the fifth and final season of “Stranger Things” could be released in 2025.

The actor, who plays Mike Wheeler in the Netflix sci-fi series, was responding to fan comments online in a video for GQ. One fan wrote: “I can’t believe that S5 will be the last season. What is your favorite memory of BTS [behind the scenes of] Stranger Things? I hope you all will remain friends.”

“I hope that we will also remain friends,” Wolfhard began. “I don’t think we have any way not to remain friends, because we are connected forever, I would say.

Wolfhard went on to say that, in his opinion, by the time “Stranger Things 5” is released, he will be 22 years old. Since he was born in December 2002, this probably indicates a 2025 graduation. “I’ll be able to have a drink with Gaten [Mazarro], Caleb [McLaughlin] and Noah [Schnapp] and the entire cast at the premiere of Stranger Things 5,” he said. “[You] couldn’t say the same thing at the premiere of the first season, and it drives me crazy.”

However, he joked that the fifth season may not be the last one we see in the cast. “I mean, Netflix is going to want us to come back in 10 years anyway and do ‘Stranger Things: Adult Years’ or something like that. They want to milk, people want to see it, and I want to milk too.”

Meanwhile, in an accompanying written interview with GQ, Wolfhard commented that his co-star Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers, declared himself gay on TikTok a few weeks ago. “When I saw this, I had a big smile on my face. I was just very proud of him.”

Sadie Sink, who plays Max Mayfield, has previously said that, in her opinion, it would be “terrible” to shoot the series finale. “We know it’s happening and that this is the last season, so I’m sure it’s going to be emotional,” Sink said in an interview with Today. “It’s going to be terrible. It’s going to be terrible. These kids, this whole cast and crew are family. People say that all the time, but I sincerely mean it.”

Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that all the actors of the TV series “Stranger Things” will receive a huge salary increase in the final season.


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