Finn Wolfard “Head-Boo** Ed” Millie Bobby Brown, She Wasn’t Wrong About His “Lousy” Kisses


“Stranger Things” is a series that is perfect in every aspect. The Netflix series was the first in a long time that made such a surreal impression that the only justified word that could be used was “phenomenal”. In addition to the extravagant storyline, exorbitant music and dramatic storylines, the series also consists of two lovebirds, Mike and Eleven, played by Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown for additional dynamics.

In the midst of the chaos that turned Hawkins upside down, the couple still manages to be nice and healthy. This is especially surprising, considering how the actors of “Stranger Things” at numerous events declared that they were all like “brothers and sisters who grew up together.” However, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard are still cute, but very similar to their siblings. And, as unanimously agreed, the first passage to the land of brothers and sisters is to make fun of each other.

Finn Wolfard talks about his kissing experience with Millie Bobby Brown

Therefore, it is not surprising that Millie Bobby Brown did not hesitate to call her on-screen boyfriend a “lousy” kisser. Unfortunately, Wolfhard was not there at the time, and fans admitted that they would have killed just to see his reaction. However, the actor was asked about this in another interview, and his answer will surprise you. While fandoms clutched their pearls in shock at the statement, Wolfhard “was fine with it.”

The actor recently sat down to talk to Drew Barrymore on her show to promote “When You’re Done Saving the World,” and the host did us all a favor by asking him about a statement made by his colleague. “You know what? It suited me,” said the actor of “Very strange Things.” He further added: “I do not know. It was one of those things where… my first kiss on screen was with Millie, and so I didn’t know how I would like that approach. …And so I just kind of almost headbutted her.”

Considering that he was 12 years old and was surrounded by dozens of cameras, we don’t blame the actor. And in light of this revelation, we are sure that fans are ready to forgive Brown for calling Finn Wolfard that way.

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