Finds ‘super antibodies’ effective against COVID-19


The campaign to immunize against the coronavirus has already started in Brazil this week, however scientists continue in the relentless struggle to find new ways to combat COVID-19. One of the latest news on the subject is the “super antibodies” discovered by scientists that can become a great form of protection against infection.

The “super antibodies” were discovered by the research team of pathologist and bioengineer Lance Liotta of George Mason University, located in Fairfax, USA. They were found in the body of John Hollis, who became infected with the coronavirus during a trip to Europe.

According to Hollis, the symptoms were mild, comparable to that of sinusitis, which disappeared quickly. Noticing that his infection was much milder compared to the other people with whom he had contact, he offered to participate in George Mason’s studies that are conducted by Liotta, who found the rare type of antibody.

According to Liotta, the antibodies developed by Hollis are present in only 5% of those infected with the coronavirus and were still at high levels in the body, creating an even more powerful immunity even months after the positive diagnosis for Sars-CoV-2, reaching a level 90% efficiency.

An interesting detail is that the “superantibodies” found in Hollis provide even more lasting protection compared to 7 other candidates, also studied and who have the most advanced protection, but this immunity usually lasts for a maximum of 90 days.

Laboratory tests have shown that these antibodies are so powerful that they have managed to combat up to 6 variants of COVID-19.

The scientists’ idea is to use these antibodies in medicines to improve the population’s immune system against the coronavirus in the form of a cocktail, such as Regeneron, which was used by Donald Trump when diagnosed with Sars-CoV-2.

Hollis continues to donate saliva and blood samples to the laboratory, which will now study whether vaccines already developed are also capable of creating the same protection in others. The expectation is that soon it will be possible to make people stronger against the coronavirus through this new discovery that is showing more and more promise in this war against COVID-19.


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