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With the Name Tag feature, which has been available a long time ago, Instagram aimed for users to create custom stickers and other people to add you by reading these stickers on the application. Since this feature is almost never used in daily life, the Instagram QR code feature appeared.

Instagram QR code feature launched

The feature, which was introduced in Japan last year and is now decided to be activated all over the world, allows you to create QR codes as can be understood from its name. You can view the account and access various information by reading the code you create on any camera application that can scan QR codes independently of the Instagram application.

QR codes specifically target businesses. Because when the user has the QR code scanned, he is not limited to seeing the Instagram account of the business, but also can shop from the store, if available, or see the opening and closing hours.

To create a QR code, it is necessary to click on the Settings menu of Instagram and click on the QR code option. However, since this feature is gradually introduced to users, there is a Name Tag in that section right now.

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