How to find out if someone is using your Wi-Fi


There are different ways to find out if someone is using your Wi-Fi. Whether by PC or cell phone, watching the devices connected to the network is important to avoid security and connection problems, since overload can lead to loss of speed. Internet. The tip is interesting to find out if there is a need to change the Wi-Fi password, which will disconnect all devices, or even block a MAC address, preventing that device from accessing the Internet over the network. Here are three ways to find out if there are intruders on your home Wi-Fi.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to keeping an eye on the devices connected to Wi-Fi, it is interesting to change the password with some frequency. Choosing strong keywords can also make a difference in maintaining a good experience when accessing the wireless Internet.

Accessing router settings
1. By computer

The router’s settings interface can show all devices connected to Wi-Fi. To access, it is necessary to know the IP of the product and its login data. In general, the information follows the pattern of each manufacturer, unless they have already been changed by the user himself.

Step 1. Open the browser, type the router’s IP in the address bar and hit Enter to access the control panel.

Step 2. Enter the input data on the login screen, as indicated in the table above;

Step 3. Navigate the menus and find the option “LAN”, “Local Network” or “Wireless”;

Step 4. Search for a device table. Depending on the router, it may contain information such as MAC address, IP and the name of each device. Each row in the table is a device connected to the network: cell phones, computers, TVs, Chromecast or any other with a Wi-Fi antenna;

2. By cell phone
It is also possible to access the settings panel through the mobile browser, with the same procedure. In addition, depending on the brand of the router, it is possible to discover the list of connected devices through the official application of the manufacturer. D-Link, Intelbras, Multilaser and TP-Link (Tether) are some that offer Wi-Fi management apps;

Using specialized software
There are several programs specialized in network analysis that show the devices connected to Wi-Fi. On your phone, WiFi Monitor is a good option for a free app that helps with the task. On the PC, it is worth trying the Wireless Network Watcher and WiFi Guard, as in the following step by step:

Step 1. Download the WiFi Guard and install it on your computer. At first access, it is necessary to select the computer’s network adapter. Choose the one with the IP number next to it, and it is not a virtual adapter used by VPN. Click “OK” to proceed;

Step 2. Click “Scan now” to scan the network and find the connected devices. When obtaining the list of devices, check one by one to try to discover possible intruders. One will always be the router (Internet Port) and the other the computer currently used (This Computer). View the manufacturer of the other devices in the “Supplier” column to facilitate identification;


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