How to find out who owns the website?


The International Identified Names and Numbers Company (ICANN) is the institution that empowers registrars to grant or assign public domain names. As the registrant, the owner of the website can make changes to vital information about the domain name. Therefore, it is critical to know the “owner” registrant of a domain name as well as the person or organization with administrative, billing and technical rights related to the domain.

How to find out who owns the website? In this article, where we seek answers to the question, we will show you step by step techniques. You will be able to find the owner of the website you want.

Why is it important to know who owns the website?
1) If you are doing a job and want to work with the owner of a website you find, you should call that person correctly. Knowing who the website belongs to confirms that your personal fields and registry details are entered correctly. If the person you are learning is wrong and is actually the type you would not want to do business, you would not have given the renewal notifications, purchase offers, partnership requests and the like in vain.

2) Knowing who the website belongs to can help you if the privacy checks you are searching for are really in effect if you are trying to protect your personal information.

3) If someone has taken the name you want to put on your website before, it is useful to know who the website belongs to, and you can use the domain name you want in accordance with your agreement.

How to find out who owns the website?
1) Go to “” site.

2) Click the “Click for Whois Inquiry” button in the window that opens.

3) Paste the website address into the “Ask Whois” box. Click the I am not a robot tile and press the Inquire button.

4) If the site owner did not hide their identity, you can see their information.

Verification process
You can verify the details about the domain name. If you find any information missing or incorrect, you can send a request to the domain registrar to make changes. Sometimes, if the information is not fully available, you can visit the recording company’s website and get the information from there, as many registrars or people do not want to share their information in full.


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