Find out why WhatsApp will close your account soon


Are you an active WhatsApp user? It is important that you know this information

If you are a user who uses WhatsApp to send messages such as text, images, videos, GIFs, stickers, animated stickers and even to make calls and video calls, then it is important that you read this.

Some people might be left without their WhatsApp account, because the instant messaging app will take some drastic measures.

What is being sought is that all users are respected on the platform and the person who does not comply with the rules will be banned forever and their phone number can no longer be used on WhatsApp.

If you are one of those who sent or send this type of message, it is recommended that you stop doing it, otherwise the application will sanction you without even knowing why, even though you appeal to this.

What you should not send on WhatsApp

Here at Diario La Verdad we tell you the things you should never send:

False promotions: This is also known as hoaxes.They are intended to be massively disseminated for different purposes, among which is to obtain personal data of users to send viruses, to impersonate their identity or to spread more hoaxes on a large scale.
Rumors: It has happened that the rumors transmitted on WhatsApp create not only a series of misinformation, but also disaster, paranoia and even slaughter. As it happened in India. According to The New York Times newspaper, a series of messages were broadcast on the platform describing groups of child abductors.
Write Amen and send it to more people: Several users still do not realize that if you forward a certain message, nothing will happen, even if they tell you that “you will earn more than ten million dollars if you do not.”

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WhatsApp will never close: Despite the possibility that the platform crashes every so often, WhatsApp will never close because communication depends a lot on users and they provide what they want to have in the app and how to make the most of it.
WhatsApp groups: You should never put the name “Pedophilia” to your conversation, if you do, WhatsApp will block not only you, but also all the members of the group.


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