Find out who is the fiancée who got pregnant inside a prison


The fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days finally introduced us to seven new couples, however, the stories related to these new relationships have left more than one speechless, and what was revealed in the last episode 26 December left much to be desired.

One of the most controversial couples this season has been Ximena and Mike, remember that they both met through an international dating application, however, it is not this typical love story that is seen very often in this TLC reality which took my breath away.

This 24-year-old girl is a native of Pereira, Colombia and lives with her two younger children, Juan David and Harold Steven. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Ximena worked as a manicurist, however, this nail technique could not work due to restriction measures at the international level.

In Before the 90 Days, Ximena explained to the producers that she did not really have a romantic relationship with the father of her son Juan David, as she explained: Juan David’s father was a one-night stand. That was it”.

However, in the case of the father of her son Harold Steven it was totally different. It was when viewers were amazed at this young woman’s past that she revealed, “Harold Steven’s dad is in jail. He wanted to defend his uncle and acted without thinking. And that’s what he’s paying for now. ”

“I met him on Facebook. We talked for four or five months and he asked me, ‘Are you coming to visit me?’ and I said ‘I come to visit you’. And I love him… I loved him very much. So I went to visit him in jail. I got it into my head that he wanted to have a child. I would put my feet up so that I could actually get pregnant. And I actually got pregnant on my second visit to jail. ”

After these strong statements, the fans immediately did not hesitate to fear for the future of Mike, because this man is completely different from her. He lives at home with his father and his grandfather and helps take care of them both.

TLC viewers are almost convinced that Ximena is abusing this man’s good heart, since they say that she is using him to support her financially until her boyfriend is released from prison. Now we just have to keep waiting for the next episodes to see what the future really holds for this couple.