Find out which song is playing with Google Assistant


Google Assistant is a complete service for Android device owners capable of searching, taking notes, opening applications and even telling jokes using voice commands.

However, the platform also has a function that is not so publicized, but it can prove to be very useful in several opportunities. The service can identify which song is playing.

This is true for audios played on the device, played in the environment around you or until you are humming. Equivalent to Shazam, which is a separate app on Android and integrated with iOS, the function helps you discover new artists and kill curiosity about that song that stuck in your head, but whose name you didn’t know.

1. Turn on Google Assistant

There are two ways to enable the Google Assistant music listening mode. The first step, however, is the same in both cases: activate the service on your cell phone.

This can be done from the microphone icon on the Android screen, which is present both on the search bar and on the screen with the company’s news curatorship. This can also be done by the physical button, which is present in some cell phone models.

2. Start the search

The first way to do a search according to the song that is playing is to select the option “Search for a song”. Then, keep the device steady, without blocking the microphone and as close as possible to the audio source.

If you prefer, you can perform the search directly by voice command from the following commands: “What song is playing?” or “What is that song?”. It is automatically understood by the platform and starts listening mode instantly.

3. Wait for the result

The result appears on the screen after a few seconds, depending on the quality of the audio source and even the popularity of the song. In addition to the name of the song and the artist, you can check the entire lyrics and browse the results page of the Google search engine itself, containing more information about the recording.

There are also shortcuts for you to listen to the music on audio streaming platforms, such as YouTube Music, Spotify and Deezer.


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