Find out where your operator has cell signal towers


According to data from December 2020 from Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), Brazil has more than 234 million mobile lines. Despite the high number, which is even higher than the number of inhabitants, the country still suffers from poor telephony infrastructure.

The problems related to the sector are many and it is not for nothing that these companies accumulate complaints. According to Reclame Aqui, three of the ten companies that received the most complaints in January 2021 are telephone operators. Among the main complaints are undue charges, problems with the internet and lack of signal.

The question about the signal, in particular, has specific rules from Anatel. The regulatory agency determines that the coverage of the mobile telephone service must be at least 80% of the urban area of ​​the municipalities’ headquarters.

Even with the rules, Anatel points out that within a coverage area, customers may not be able to make or receive calls. “This can happen if the user is in a shadow zone, which are areas with low or no signal due to the presence of obstacles that affect communication between the cell phone and the antenna, such as buildings and mountains,” said the agency.

How to check if an area has signal towers?

To get around this problem, some tools make inquiries of locations that have and do not have towers with a mobile phone signal. Anatel has a page compiling the main operators in the country and how to perform the consultation company by company.

However, it is also possible to do this check by the cell phone itself. The free application Open Signal, developed by the eponymous mobile analysis company, offers a quick and practical consultation.

To make the consultation you need to download the app, which is available for Android and iOS smartphones in the respective stores.

After accepting the application’s authorization to access your location, you can access the main menu. In the option on the far right is “Find Sign”. It points out which operator’s tower is closest to you. In addition, you can access a map to check whether a region has a tower or not before you even get there.

In addition to checking the availability of signal towers, Open Signal performs Internet connection speed tests and shows network statistics.


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