Find out when you will need to be vaccinated against Covıd


Although in the last days of last December the first doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 began to be put, the truth is that this third wave of infections is registering very alarming figures. So much so, that some communities are taking different decisions and limitations since the beginning of January to try to reduce infections.

In the meantime, there are high hopes for different vaccines, but so far the rate of vaccination is not too fast. This has caused uncertainty to begin to be generated among all those people who are waiting for their turn to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Well, although the truth is that this is a very difficult question to answer exactly, the truth is that a Spanish physicist living in Poland and a doctor from that same country have created a tool capable of calculating when we will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Of course, for this they have taken into account the vaccination strategy announced by the Government last December.

This tool is available through a website that has been hosted in the popular OmniCalculator repository and the truth is that it is very easy to use. By simply following this link, we will be able to access the calculator itself that will tell us approximately when the date on which we will receive the expected vaccine will be.

This is how the calculator works

As soon as we enter, we can see how we are informed that the calculator makes an estimate of the date on which we will approximately receive the COVID-19 vaccine. An estimate that is based on the list of priority groups published by the Spanish government. This information can also be consulted from the site itself, since we find a table of contents that explains who is part of these priority groups, who are those who will not be vaccinated and a section with frequently asked questions.

Although it also includes a simple manual to use the calculator, the truth is that it is very easy and intuitive. To do this, all we have to do is fill in the information that is asked about us, where we live, current age, if we are health workers or social health workers, if we are dependents, if we have any high-risk condition, if we are workers or we live in a residence, if the environment in which we work is a closed environment or if we are a woman, if we are pregnant.

Once these data have been correctly completed, the result based on the indicated profile will appear in the lower part, where the acceptance rate of the vaccine will be displayed along with the number of people in front of us to receive the vaccine. Finally, taking into account the vaccination schedule, we will be shown an estimated date or range of dates in which it would be the turn to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Of course, this estimate may vary depending on the doses that our country receives, the incorporation of vaccines from other laboratories or modifications in the vaccination schedule by the Government.


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