Find out when Evelyn Harper’s actress was replaced in the drama


Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones were the first to make Two and a Half Men a success, since then, their names have become internationally famous thanks to their respective interpretations, even after Charlie’s departure, this TNT’s success gradually ceased to be what it originally was.

On many occasions, the actors in the pilot episode tend to be completely different from their announced final cast. These episodes usually serve as independent to test new concepts of filming, even, no one can predict if production will resume the series after these releases.

Such was the case of Two and a Half Men in its original pilot titled “Most girls will not eat beef”, the funny thing is that who gave life to the important character of Evelyn Harper was not always the same. At first we saw veteran actress Blythe Danner act instead of Holland Taylor.

There is no doubt that it was a secret for no one to see the matriarch of Two and a Half Men being played by another actress. Although Holland Taylor was phenomenal in this role, she was not the one who acted in the pilot episode.

According to the showrunner of this program, Chuck Lorre, the veteran and renowned actress did not stay to continue her role in this sitcom because according to her role “it did not fit very well with her.” However, rumors admit that she was fired from her for other reasons.

Apparently, Blythe Danner was fired after she insisted on making changes to some scenes that didn’t sit well with the show’s producers. While the pilot with Danner was never broadcast on television, the unofficial footage is still available on the YouTube platform.

Due to this astonishing change, there are two pilot episodes aired by the production, the one that aired on television to this day, the entire normal cast later seen, including Holland Taylor as Evelyn, and the original pilot, one where the cast changed noticeably, being Blythe Danner Evelyn.