Find out what Keanu Reeves got addicted to cause of a role


You may not know it, but Keanu Reeves has become addicted to a role in one of his films. Quickly find out which one!

It’s no secret that Keanu Reeves has little interest in fame. The actor is one of the personalities who like to preserve their secret garden. No more social evenings in Hollywood, the actor enjoys his little quiet life far from the hustle and bustle of the media. This behavior was praised because he is one of the most appreciated actors by the public. But it is not only his way of being that appeals to him since he is also talented. This is evidenced by his many box office hits. From John Wick to The Matrix to Speed, the hero of the big screen quickly became essential. He is particularly involved in his roles to the point of now having an addiction!

During an interview with the British daily Daily Mail in 2008, Keanu Reeves revealed the bad habit he has had since the filming of his film Feeling Minnesota, released in 1996 and in which he gives the answer to Cameron Diaz. “I started smoking when I was 30 years old. I fell into it when I did Feeling Minnesota and now it’s a prison, but I want to quit,” he said. An addiction which he unfortunately still cannot get rid of. We can only wish him to succeed! And for more news, we explain why Keanu Reeves has found himself at the heart of a huge controversy lately.

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