Find out if your CPF has been used in illegal accounts


Since January, Brazilians have been bombarded with news about data leaks. Early in the year, a leak was identified with personal information from 223 million Brazilians, including information even from deceased people. Less than a month later, more than 102.8 million cell phone data was exposed on the internet. With the latest events, many people have become concerned about the amount of data exposed online and some have even learned that their data has been used to open current accounts and illegal loans.

What few know is that there is a very simple way to find out if you have been a victim of fraud. The Central Bank’s Registrato website monitors which checking accounts are linked to the holder’s CPF. Through a simple registration, it is possible to access information on loans and financing, list of banks in which you have an account, indications of PIX keys registered with payment institutions and data on foreign exchange transactions or international transfers.

The feature is available in both the desktop and mobile versions.

How to consult

1) To consult the Registrado, access the website and indicate if you are an “individual” or “Legal entity”;

2) Choose how you want to validate your identity for further instructions. It is possible to do the validation through Internet Banking, cell phone, computer, or with digital certificate, in the case of companies. Face-to-face service is suspended during the pandemic;

3) The simplest way is by cell phone. Just access the “Registrato” option in your bank’s application, enter your password and generate a PIN;

4) Once this is done, you will be taken to the Central Bank website, where you must enter your e-mail address and enter a new password. Now, just complete the registration, login and access the reports available on the platform.

If the person finds that accounts or loans have been opened by third parties in his name, it is necessary to contact the financial institution or the Central Bank.


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