Find out if an imported mobile phone is Original or fake


Nowadays many people prefer imported cell phones, mainly due to the low cost at which they can be found in comparison to what is officially sold in Brazil. And for these devices, the most sought after brands are of Chinese origin, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Realme.

However, many are still afraid that, when he arrives, they will come across a counterfeit device. Often it is even a little difficult to distinguish an original device from a fake simply because of its appearance, being necessary to pay attention to the smallest details.

But for those who are unable to identify which is which, some manufacturers offer an official tool to check, with the serial number or IMEI number of the smartphone, if it is a genuine product. And that is what we will learn in this tutorial.


Huawei is one of the main Chinese manufacturers and, therefore, is often at the center of many controversies, mainly involving the United States government. But that’s not why she stops selling her devices and, by the way, she still sells very well.

As a consequence, the number of counterfeiters targeting the giant may also be large. But it is very simple to check if your Huawei, Honor or Mate is original. Just go to the Huawei device warranty check page and enter its serial number. If any results are displayed, the device is original.

The page should still return information such as the region of origin of the device, that is, where it was manufactured.


Xiaomi is one of the “darlings” of users in Brazil and, therefore, it is very easy to find who has a Redmi or Xiaomi in the country. There are even those who defend it tooth and nail or who compare it with established brands in the country, such as Apple and Samsung.

And with this success, the brand’s cell phones are also very exposed to counterfeits. But to confirm that a device is original, just go to Xiaomi’s authenticity verification page and enter the device’s data, such as serial number (SN) or IMEI.

This page should return information about the activation of the device, if it is original, as well as indicate if it is of a Chinese or international version.

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Realme is a Chinese manufacturer not as popular as the previous two, but it still has some users in Brazil. It does not officially sell in the country, but importers also bring the devices here.

To check if a Realme cell phone is genuine, there is also a dedicated link, which is the verification page for activating the device. On this site, just enter the phone number registered on his smarphone or IMEI to search for the information.

If the page returns any information about the device, it is a genuine Realme.


OPPO is another not so popular brand in Brazil and is part of Vivo – a Chinese company that owns several other manufacturers. Although it is not easy to find in the country, there are still those who have it here, whether imported or purchased abroad during a trip.

OPPO’s solution is similar to the others. Simply go to the device’s warranty status page to check the device’s information.

As always, if there are results on the device, it is original. If your search fails, you may be in trouble.

Other manufacturers

Not all companies offer a solution like this. But there is also no reason to worry. This is because Anatel has a research page for the Legal Mobile program that serves to research the situation of the smartphone.

This page was created to check for possible “pirated” cell phones, which were blocked by the agency. To remember this case, see our column of Detective TudoCelular that talks about it.

If the search on the Anatel website returns that your cell phone has no restrictions, it is very likely that it is original.

But, just in case, an even more efficient solution is to contact the manufacturer’s support. They will certainly have some way of verifying the authenticity of the device. However, as many of them do not operate in the country, the service may be in English or another language.


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