Find out how your year of PS games has been in 2020


A look at the summary of a whole year of games. Starting today the PlayStation 2020 Wrap Up will be available where you can share all your achievements, trophies obtained, the most played games, hours of play and more just by accessing this league.

Thanks to PlayStation Latin America we were able to have a first-hand look at this function that, among other things, will allow you to access your statistics from PlayStation 4 and even PlayStation 5 if you managed to get one of these consoles.

In the summary we can see:
The number of games played in 2020 ranked by hours.
The most played genres
Total hours of play
Local and online game hours
Hours played on PS VR
Total game hours worldwide on selected games
Accumulated game days
Days when we play the most
Gold, silver and bronze trophies won
If you were a PS5 user
The most played game on PS5
Total game hours on PS5
And the total trophies on PS5


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