Find Out How Tto Check The Apple Warranty For Your Products


Apple has become, over the years, a company with differentiated products in terms of technology. In addition to iPhones, which have different models, versions, sizes and novelties, there are also iPac, Macbook, macOS, Apple Watch, among other items that call the attention of consumers for all the innovations and practicalities they offer.

And to be aware of all aspects of your products, especially when one of them has some kind of failure, it is necessary to know all the details of the terms and conditions of use and understand how the guarantee mechanisms of each one of them work. So stay tuned for all our tips so you don’t miss any details!

Apple Warranty: Learn How Everything Works When You Need It

In some ways, no Apple product is immune from malfunction or accidental damage. Thus, it is necessary to know everything about your rights when demanding repairs, understanding who to turn to when these occasional problems occur.

Under Brazilian law, companies are required to offer a free warranty for a period of one year to all products that are marketed under their manufacturing purview. The store that sells the item, for example, also needs to follow specific rules within this issue, as well as the brand as a whole.

To identify if your device is still covered by the brand warranty, follow a few simple steps. On products like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, or iPod Touch, you should search for the device’s serial number to make a simple query on the Apple portal.

Look for the “Adjustments” tool. Go to “General Settings” and click on “About”, which in the list of specifications, is the first one that should appear. On this page, you can see which software version is installed, the device model, and also the serial number. Write it down to make your inquiry.

On macOS, Apple AirPods, keyboards, mice and other peripherals, the serial number may be available on a label provided on the product.


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