Find Out How To Update Your Apple Watch


Apple Watch has its own operating system from Apple: watchOS, which — like the iPhone, Mac and iPad — needs to be up to date. Updates are important for a better experience with your smartwatch, both to gain access to new features and to keep your device safe.

Some iOS updates may also require a watchOS update on the Apple Watch. When your iPhone displays the warning “Your Apple Watch software is out of date”, it is essential to update so that the “Activity” data continues to sync normally.


Before starting the process, your watch must be connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone and physically close to it. In addition, it is important that the Apple Watch is connected to the power source and has a battery power greater than 50%, while the iPhone must be updated to the newest version of iOS and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How to update your Apple Watch from iPhone

1. In your iPhone’s Watch app, enter “General”.

Go to Watch > General.

2. Then enter “Software Update”.

If you have any updates available, a notification will appear in the corner of the bar.


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