Find out how to issue your Digital Work Card


The Work and Social Security Card (CTPS) is a mandatory document that contains all the professional information of the worker. Originally issued only in physical format, the document gained a digital version in 2019. Despite this, many people still do not know how to issue it or even know this possibility.

It is worth mentioning that the CTPS Digital application has existed since 2017. However, just two years after its creation, a decree was published that made it official, allowing it to replace the physical work card.

How to apply for the Digital Work Card

As you can imagine, the digital document offers much more practicality than its physical version and it starts at the moment of issuance. It works by crossing the various government databases with information sent to the eSocial system by the employer, such as employment contract data, vacation notes, thirteenth, etc. Check below the step by step to issue your CTPS Digital:

Access the site and click on “Create your account”;
Provide the requested information;
Choose an activation method (SMS or e-mail);
Access email or SMS to create a password and activate your account.
If you are unable to generate a password over the internet, you can do so through the ATMs of Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica, or even in a unit of the Ministry of Economy. Anyway, as soon as you create your account, you will be able to download the official app on your phone.

To do so, simply access the Play Store or App Store and search for “CTPS Digital”. Now, access the application and enter the registered CPF and password. Then check out some personal details like the mother’s name and date of birth.

Other information about CTPS

After completing these steps, you will have access to basic data about your employment relationships. But, if you want to see more details, the app will ask for a second identity confirmation with information about your previous contracts, name of the last employer, year of the last contract, if you received INSS benefits in the last 5 years, etc. It is important to pay close attention at this point, after all, some incorrect information can lead to the blocking of your account.

If the system identifies any inconsistencies, they will be corrected automatically. If there are incorrect data after September 2019, the user can inform the employer of the mistake or request that the correction be made in the application itself.

Physical Work Portfolio

If you have the physical CTPS and, for some reason, decided to order the digital version, do not discard the first. That’s because it still serves as a record of old work. After all, certain annotations (such as vacations and thirteenth) go through a little time processing and, as a result, they only appear in the application days after the issue.


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