Find Out How To Choose The Best Hosting For Your Website


Hosting: That e-commerce is here to stay is no longer a question for anyone. If at the beginning of online sales there was a distrust of this form of commerce, nowadays this type of transaction corresponds to most of the revenue of large retailers, gaining from sales in physical stores.

For some years, e-commerce has been breaking sales records at the expense of purchases made in person. It is increasingly essential that companies, large or small, and service providers are present on the web. It is through this channel that most consumers have been searching to find everything they need.

For this reason, having an active website, updated and in which your consumer finds everything they are looking for, has been essential to be seen and make the business prosper. So, having a good website creator and also web domain hosting will be crucial for you to be found.

To help with this activity, find out about some of the best website hosting options. Check out the advantages of each one below.


Hostinger offers not only the hosting service, but also the creation of websites. With packages ranging from $ 5.99 to $ 18.99, the customer has access to SSD storage, free SSL, GIT access, wordpress acceleration and managed wordpress. Depending on the package, you can also count on 200 GB of SSD storage, free domain, unlimited database and daily backups. In addition, in the Premium and Business packages you also earn Google Ads credit, to highlight your business on Google’s search engines.

You can also quickly and easily create a website or online store. Using the Zyro platform, it is possible to create an ecommerce for R $ 39.90 per month, which accepts online payment, without commission, with unlimited broadband, offers coupons and gift cards and allows you to track freight, stock, orders and taxes. In the most complete package you can also create the store in other languages, make sales through other platforms and social networks, and you can still sell an unlimited amount of products and recover the abandonment of the cart. Using the Hostinger discount coupon the values ​​can be even more taken into account.


Hostgator offers the same website hosting service in 3 plan options, ranging from R $ 10.79 for the most basic, to $ 28.99 for the most complete. In all plans, the customer gains 1 year of free domain and finds SSL security certificate, unlimited email account, 24-hour technical support, fast website builder and application installer.

What differentiates each of the plans is the amount of storage space, which varies from 100 to 150 GB SSD to store files, orders and emails and to host one or more domains in a single account. When hiring services, you can use a Hostgator coupon and take advantage of a discount on the value.


GoDaddy is a platform for hosting websites around the world and offers domain registration and management to its customers. For R $ 19.99 per year, for a 2-year purchase, it is possible to register the domain “.com” or “”. In addition, GoDaddy offers free website creation and marketing services with SEO and email marketing to boost customer sales. At GoDaddy it is also possible to purchase a professional email that corresponds to your company’s domain for R $ 5.49 per month, per user.

In terms of website hosting, the plans range from $ 13.99 to $ 68.99 per month. What differentiates each of the packages is the amount of storage, which ranges from 100GB to unlimited, the number of sites and databases, which can be unlimited. In all plans the customer can use the GoDaddy coupon to contract the services at a good discount and also find unlimited bandwidth and installation of wordpress for free.


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