How to find movies on Netflix? Five tips for finding new titles

Finding movies on Netflix is ​​not always an easy task. With the variety of titles available on the streaming service, many people end up spending more time browsing the catalog than watching the movie. If this is your case, know that some simple tips can greatly facilitate the search. You can use secret codes to find hidden categories, turn to specialized movie search sites and take advantage of Netflix’s personalized recommendations. Check out the following five tips to find new productions on the streaming platform.

1. Take advantage of the search tool
Netflix allows you to search for new movies, series, and TV shows in a variety of ways. It is possible to search for productions by titles, actors and actresses, directors, genre, video quality and language. To do this, just type the desired keyword in the search box, which searches the entire library of the streaming platform in a few seconds.

2. Check the recommendations
Many people find movies to watch on Netflix from the service’s own recommendation system. The platform analyzes user behavior, including the films he has watched and the grades he has given to productions, and combines this factor with the profile of subscribers with similar tastes and information about the titles to provide a personalized list of recommendations. Some ranks are “Releases”, “Popular on Netflix” and “Why did you watch …”.

3. Use codes
The movie categories on Netflix go far beyond those shown on the platform’s homepage. Few people know, but the streaming service offers hundreds of subcategories of different styles of films that can make your life easier when choosing. The genres are very specific, like “Terror on the open sea”, “Science fiction anime” and “Foreign LGBT films”, and can be accessed from secret codes.

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4. Look for hidden categories
Another way to find hidden categories is from the Enhancer for Netflix extension. Available for Google Chrome, the plugin eliminates the manual use of codes and incorporates the list of genres into the Netflix interface itself, which makes it easy to view alternative categories. In addition, the extension has a feature called “random mode”, a kind of roulette that chooses the film for more undecided users.

5. Use search engines
There are a number of websites that help you find content on Netflix. Those who are lost in the variety of titles in the catalog can use services such as Reelgood, JustWatch and FlickMetrix, which allow them to filter productions by genre, year of release, IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes classification, among other criteria. The platforms also provide details such as synopsis, cast and directors of the film, in addition to the trailers.



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