Find out which countries spread the Corona outbreak on this real-time map


Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed an online map showing the daily status of the Corona virus and made the map about the Corona epidemic available on its website.

Users can see in detail which countries the epidemic has spread and how many people are affected through the world map, which can be reached by clicking this address . Map data showing the virus outbreak in real time is collected from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, the European Disease Prevention and Control Center, the China Disease Control and Prevention Center, and the China National Health Commission. The map shows the areas where users are diagnosed with coronavirus. The more cases in a region, the larger the point on the map. Let’s point out that the biggest point right now is Hubei Province, where the outbreak occurred.

Information about the Corona epidemic affecting the world

The Corona Outbreak , which spread from Wuhan, China and gave fear to the whole world , caused the death of 132 people. Let’s say that the virus, which has caused concern with the number of cases exceeding 6 thousand, is seen in 13 countries . Despite all efforts, there is currently no cure for the Corona epidemic that continues to spread. Doctors prescribe Coro pain relief and antipyretic drugs to treat symptoms. Doctors say that the room humidifier and hot shower will be good for sore throat and cough. People who get sick need to drink plenty of fluids, rest and sleep as much as possible. It is stated that the symptoms of Corona virus are runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache and fever that lasts for several days.


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