Find a brain wrapped in aluminum foil


Every morning Jimmy Senda takes a hike along the Racine coast in Wisconsin. But last Tuesday, September 15, the artist and construction worker made a surprising discovery: he found a brain wrapped in aluminum foil while walking along that US beach.

“I came across this square package, wrapped in aluminum foil, and there was a pink rubber band around it. Curiosity got the best of me, so I opened it up and it looked like a chicken breast, something like that. It took me a while (to realize that) it was a brain, “the 47-year-old told Fox.

The package included some flowers and a paper with Chinese characters printed on it. Authorities have confirmed that the brain, found on the beach at Samuel Myers Park, is not human, but they still do not know which animal it came from.

Senda often looks for pieces of glass on the beach to make works of art in his house, so when he saw the package he could not resist the urge to open it. “There are many children and families around here, and what would have happened if a child had found it?”

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